Gruml 0.9.12 released

Posted on Sunday, 25th October 2009 by in Blog

I’ve just released ver. 0.9.12 of Gruml.


  • New: download manager (see Preferences for download location, default: downloads folder)
  • New: manually refresh/cache feeds (see “Feed” menu, or toolbar icon (use Customize toolbar to select))
  • New: caching/loading indicator/information in status bar
  • New: change font and font size of article list and sidebar (see Preferences – Appearance)
  • New: minimum font size for built-in browser (see Preferences – Appearance)
  • New: support
  • Improvement: new option in Preferences: show feeds without folders in Folders section (as GReader does)
  • Improvement: update of feeds, update of unread
  • Improvement: change feed while updating
  • Fixed: quick unread window (menu bar) did show only on one Space, made window keywindow if close button has been clicked
  • Fixed: register with Growl
  • Fixed: load in new tab if command key is pressed while clicking on a link in built-in browser
  • Fixed: remember sidebar width
  • Fixed: renaming a feed or subscription could end while sidebar is reloading
  • bug fixes

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6 Responses to “Gruml 0.9.12 released”

  1. RT @gruml: Gruml 0.9.12:
    Download it now: (or use auto-update)

  2. @gruml becomes the RSS reader of choice, naturally! #Gruml 0.9.12 released

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  4. revs Monday, 26th October 2009 at 12:20 pm #

    (reposting, not sure the last one worked).

    For me Gruml 0.9.12 doesn’t list any articles. The unread count is shown, but no articles are listed anywhere (folders/feeds/starred etc)

  5. revs Wednesday, 28th October 2009 at 12:12 am #

    ok turns out it was my fault, I had glimmer blocker doing some crazy stuff to google addresses. Seems like it coincided with the Gruml 0.9.12 update!

  6. Bill Marcy Wednesday, 28th October 2009 at 2:05 am #

    Hi people, great work on Gruml, really digging it.

    Have had no issues so far and have been giving it a very solid run through (450 feeds).

    For my convenience, I would love a new View -> Layout option, where, “YourStuff Stays the same (though allowing me to manually organize it, instead of alphabetical order, as I have multiple feeds of pretty much the same thing, that are in groups), and have the title of the article, with a selection of the text form the article (and any pictures that may be at the top of the article).

    So instead of having the three pane split, with the article titles on the top, and then the selected article below. I would love that.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the work you are putting into this.

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