Gruml 0.9.9 released

Posted on Sunday, 13th September 2009 by in Blog

I’ve just released ver. 0.9.9 of Gruml.


  • Changed loading and caching algorithm: your feeds will be loaded and cached in background (repeating).
    Please allow some time if you start from scratch.
    Loading will be indicated, see progress indicators in sidebar.
  • Fixed crash on saving cached feeds, changed saving algorithm
  • Fixed memory consumption
  • Changed toolbar icon design
  • New: “Comments” view, see sidebar section
  • Fixed: icon badge not updating properly if unread count was zero
  • Fixed: menu icon count not updating properly
  • Fixed: folders with special chars did not load
  • Fixed: Exposé settings not respected
  • Fixed: articles hotkeys triggered on feed when in website tab view
  • Fixed: “people you follow” section showing incorrect articles
  • bug fixes

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6 Responses to “Gruml 0.9.9 released”

  1. euhmoins Sunday, 13th September 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    thanks for the update!
    I have the following two comments:

    1/ Could it be possible to NOT make the feature “Only show unread” hide the read items while the focus is set on the current subscription but only when you focus another subscription ?
    For example, when I read my feeds, I open in a new tab a bunch of links I am interested in. After having read them, I sometime like to share some of them. With the option “Only show unread”, the items disappeared.

    2/ Do you plan to add a “mail to” feature ? Or maybe even better something like “add link to stack ” and then “send links by mail”. (My friends often complain I send to many mails, all links packed in one mail would be great. Of course, I could do this manually, which I do sometime, but having a functionality of this kind implemented in Growl would just kick ass :)

    3/ When I watch a (youtube) video in a feed in the main window and the option “show only unread” is set, then the subscription gets updated regulary and the video get reseted each time. So basically, i *have to* open the link in a new tab to be able to watch the video.


  2. euhmoins Sunday, 13th September 2009 at 5:06 pm #

    okay, that was 3 comments :)

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  5. DB Monday, 14th September 2009 at 4:51 pm #

    Die Software gefällt mir soweit sehr gut.

    Eigentlich würde ich direkt von NNW auf Gruml umsteigen, wenn in Gruml nicht eine fundamentale Funktion fehlen würde:

    - das HTML-Archiv.

    In NNW wird jeder Feed archiviert und ist per Interface durchsuchbar.


  6. Henry Sunday, 20th September 2009 at 7:24 am #

    Nein ~~~

    I love the old colorful toolbar ~~~

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