Gruml 0.9.10 released

Posted on 27. Sep, 2009 by in Blog

I’ve just released ver. 0.9.10 of Gruml.


  • New: post article to blog (see “Article” menu); requires one of the following tools installed: BlogThing, ecto, MarsEdit or Xjournal
  • New: send article by mail
  • New: drag’n'drop; drag feed to folder or tag to add to a folder, drag of folder outside window to remove
  • New: native Instapaper support
  • New: social services available as toolbar items and shortcuts (use Customize toolbar to select the service you’d like to see in toolbar)
  • New: open URLs in default browser in background or foreground (see Preferences)
  • New: prevent badge of unread on program icon (see Preferences)
  • Improvement: “show next unread” (Spacebar) jumps to next unread feed in list if all visible articles are read
  • Fixed: feeds with linefeed in title displayed wrong in article list
  • Fixed: items deselected while beeing viewed
  • Fixed: “mark all as unread” not updating some feeds
  • Fixed sort by unread
  • bug fixes