Gruml 0.9.12 released

Posted on 25. Oct, 2009 by in Blog

I’ve just released ver. 0.9.12 of Gruml.


  • New: download manager (see Preferences for download location, default: downloads folder)
  • New: manually refresh/cache feeds (see “Feed” menu, or toolbar icon (use Customize toolbar to select))
  • New: caching/loading indicator/information in status bar
  • New: change font and font size of article list and sidebar (see Preferences – Appearance)
  • New: minimum font size for built-in browser (see Preferences – Appearance)
  • New: support
  • Improvement: new option in Preferences: show feeds without folders in Folders section (as GReader does)
  • Improvement: update of feeds, update of unread
  • Improvement: change feed while updating
  • Fixed: quick unread window (menu bar) did show only on one Space, made window keywindow if close button has been clicked
  • Fixed: register with Growl
  • Fixed: load in new tab if command key is pressed while clicking on a link in built-in browser
  • Fixed: remember sidebar width
  • Fixed: renaming a feed or subscription could end while sidebar is reloading
  • bug fixes