Gruml 0.9.18 released

Posted on 09. May, 2010 by in Blog

Gruml 0.9.18 is released:


  • New: 64bit application
  • New: Evernote support; see menu “Article – Sent Article to… – Evernote”, SHIFT+ALT+E, or customize toolbar icon
  • New: View “Recommended items” in “Your Stuff”-section
  • New: Comments and Notes are shown inside Gruml; see icons in status bar, and menu “Article – Show Notes/Show Comments”
  • New: Add comments to shared articles. See menu “Article / Add Comment”
  • New: manually refresh a feed (CMD+R, or use menu item); all feeds: CMD+SHITFT+R
  • Improvement: sync will be done with multiple threads (increased sync speed); set number of parallel threads in Preferences
  • Improvement: folders and feeds respect sort order of Google Reader
  • Improvement: Embedded Flash video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) will be shown in preview
  • Improvement: Show general information as Growl notifications instead alerts (if Growl is installed)
  • Improvement: Search
  • Improvement: TwitPic/YFrog images are shown as downloadable items
  • Improvement: Clear local cache: press and hold SHIFT while opening Gruml, or use menu “Gruml – Clear Local Cache”
  • Fixed: date/time of articles handled as GReader does
  • Fixed: favicon handling improved
  • further bug fixes

Download: Gruml 0.9.18